Hey guys, it’s Nikki here. I am a freelancing filmmaker, I have made films across the boarder from editorials to short films. My forte is editorials and musical videos where I sync the clips to the music to give it an artistic effect and give a different mood depending on the music. I have made many short films, starting with Sorrow, my very first short film which I used a Canon handy cam and Windows Movie Maker as my editing software. I currently use Final Cut Pro X and Premiere┬áPro CC , Final Cut being the more well known to me. I also have a photography background and take pictures of practically everything, mainly food as that is a big part of my life. I use a Canon 7D with the 50mm 1.4 lens being my favourite as the Bokeh, in my opinion makes any photo look ten times better.

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My other hobbies include, gaming, cooking, painting and eating! My favourite game is Assassin’s Creed, I found this game in 2005 when it came with the new Xbox 360. Initially I despised it as I couldn’t really get passed this one mission (which was the training mission, so it wasn’t even during the actual main story) but when I realised the controls, I progressed through the story and absolutely loved it. This game actually inspired me to do more films and editorials as it was like a cinematic experience, through the story telling, character building and of course the creative and beautiful cutscenes.

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My love for food grows everyday. My favourite cuisine is Japanese and dish, of course, is Sushi. When I was little I used to watch a programme called Ching’s Kitchen. That was when I really got into cooking. The way this programme was filmed was just absolute amazing, the macro shots of the individual foods interlinked with ┬áthe sync editing of the music in the background and the crisp sizzling noise of the dish being cooked, just made the food look extra special! Cooking programmes especially got me into editing as the color grading and the way they portrayed food was just so inspiring and wonderful.

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Art itself i